New Hours

Dear Friends of Trinity House Café,
After considerable prayer, September 3rd will be the last Sunday we are open for brunch as we shift our hours to a consistent Monday through Saturday, 8 am - 9 pm schedule.
We have truly loved the opportunity to serve you and your families, friends, and neighbors on Sundays, and we hope you know how grateful we are.
We felt called to close on Sundays for three reasons:
First, our devoted staff deserve a chance to be with their families on the day of rest and go deeper in their faith by observing Sunday.
Second, we believe that Sundays should be a time to rest, unplug, enjoy the Lord and be renewed by Him, cherish your family... and maybe even make a home-cooked meal and "little taste of heaven" around your table!
Third, observing Sunday in this way will allow us to better serve you on the other six days of the week. This natural - and yes, divine - day of rest will, we pray, give our staff and volunteers the breathing room to serve our guests with even more creativity, energy, and dedication.
Trinity House Café is an award-winning, highly-rated “little taste of heaven” at the corner of Church and Market that only exists because of the goodness of God and the abundant generosity of an amazing community.  
Thank you for your continued support!
With Gratitude,
Ever and Soren Johnson with the Board and Staff of Trinity House Café